How to Arrange Your Outdoor Furniture

Arranging outdoor furniture is not that different from arranging furniture in your other living spaces, however there are subtle differences. For example, your guests - especially younger ones - will probably be moving faster than they would inside the home. Patio and lawn furniture should be easy to rearrange throughout the warmer months to accommodate specific functions, whether it be a pool party, BBQ or other type of gathering. These Ideas For Functional Outdoor Spaces will ensure your outdoor furniture arrangements work for every occasion. Maintain the Flow. Patio furniture should be arranged in a way that facilitates fluid movement. Between roughhousing youngsters to late night gatherings, the last thing you want is to have guests tripping and stumbling over chair and table legs.

Barlow Savannah Dining Table and Chairs

Buying a complete furniture set is one way to accomplish this because the pieces are designed to go together, providing proportional spaces between chairs and tables. Add Variety. It's a good idea to have a variety of seating options. Place high dining areas next to lower benches and deep chairs. Combine table and chair arrangements with loungers and reclining seats.


This will help to prevent views from being obstructed, as well as provide areas for dining, socializing, and relaxing. Make Sure it's Comfortable. If you don't have the opportunity to try the furniture out on your own, read reviews carefully and/or speak to customer service representatives.

Barlow Tyrie Cushion for Dining Chair

Furniture cushions are also a must-have item for comfort.

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