Heart Health and Red Wine Stemware

There is nothing wine aficionados love more than reading about the benefits of drinking red wines. Hmmm...does that mean our purchases of delectable red wines can be considered a medical-related tax write off? Until we work that one out with our accountants, we thought we'd report a few facts linking red wines to heart health.

iittala Essence Champagne RedWine Resveratol. This little chemical bi-product of the red wine making process packs a powerfully healthy punch. Resveratol protects the heart and its arteries from the negative effects of saturated fats. Drinking one to two glasses of red wine - in stylish red wine stemware, of course -  brings you one step closer to a healthier heart.

iittala Tapio Red WineFlavonoids. Not to be confused with flavor, flavonoids are another health-active ingredient in red wine. They help to reduce inflammation, facilitate the oxygenation of cells, and protect blood vessels from tears and ruptures. In order to enhance the experience of ingesting these essential red wine-related flavonoids, may we recommend these Tapio Red Wine Glasses with the signature blown glass bubble?

Saponins. As if the resveratol and flavonoids weren't enough, red wine also contains a healthy dose of saponins, which are natural levelers of "bad" cholesterol and they help immune function and ward off cancer.

So there are three reasons to sit back, relax, and pour yourself a glass of resveratol, flavonoids, and saponins. Celebrate these benefits, or just the end of a long week by selecting beautiful red wine stemware for your drinking pleasure.