Caring for Teak Furniture


Barlow Tyrie teak table


There are several reasons why we love winter here at Didriks. One is using cozy indoor time to begin making backyard plans for spring and summer. This year, our outdoor furniture collection includes a variety of high-quality teak tables which complement any patio or lawn.

Summertime should be as carefree as possible, which is why these teak outdoor tables are such a perfect all-weather choice. They are easy to care for and with a little attention from you, they will last for many summers to come.

4 Easy Steps to Care for Teak Furniture

  1. Water. Teak is naturally water resistant but dust, spills, salt spray, and chlorine can accumulate on its hard surface. Hose off your teak furniture every few weeks to remove surface debris.
  2. Cleaner. For any extra stains or build-up, use a damp sponge or cloth and our Barlow Tyrie teak cleaner. Make sure to get in between the junctures between wood slats, such as the ones in this Adirondack side table.
  3. Sun. Let the sun work its magic to dry your squeaky furniture.
  4. Guard.We recommend purchasing either the Barlow Tyrie Color Guard, the Barlow Tyrie Stain Guard, or both! These products are specially crafted to protect the unique qualities of teak, against the harm of stains and discoloration.

We recommend against using oil to clean your teak, because once you start applying oil, you'll never be able to stop or your furniture will lose it's luster and become dull and drab. Instead, follow the tips outlined above, and you'll be setting yourself up for a year full of BBQ's, garden parties, family gatherings and more fun in the sun. Continue browsing Didrik's for more outdoor furniture ideas.