3 Orrefors Bowls You are Sure to Love

Are you having pre-nostalgia about the summer coming to an end? For those of us who love the sun, fall and winter months can be a challenge. Our solution? Fill your home with beautiful Orrefors cut crystal bowls. You can place them strategically to refract the winter sunlight from your windows, transforming your living spaces into bright and colorful worlds of their own. Didriks Orrefors bowl

A Precious Dish. Need a small, special something to adorn the top of an end table or to hold your favorite sweets while you read? The Precious Dish is the perfect size. We love the asymmetrical design. The piece is hand-cut and multiple facets provide fluid visual interest as light shifts throughout the day.

Didriks Orrefors bowl

Present the Crown. The Corona Bowl is hand-cut in the shape of a crown and is a testament to the glass artists' skill. It will certainly be the crown on whatever surface it is placed. It's available in three different sizes, and makes a wonderful gift or corporate award.

Didriks Orrefors bowl

A Rose is a Rose. That is especially the case when it is displayed in the Rose Low Bowl. If we had to pick our favorite of these three bowls, this one might be the winner. It's beautiful shape mimics that of a blooming rose. Use it as a shallow vase to display stunning blooms, or you can light tea candles, and watch their flames dance and shimmer through the crystal.

Didriks has a wide range of Orrefors crystal to add luxurious luster to your home decor.