World's Largest Beer Glass Created by iittala's Artisans

According to Good News! From Finland, the world's largest beer glass has recently been created by professional and student glassblowers in the iittala glass factory (which is located in the town of Hämeenlinna).

It is reported that the large beer glass can hold up to 125 liters of beer. The previous record-breaking large beer glass was from Germany, but the new record-breaking glass holds 20 liters more than the other. It is also 120 centimeters tall and has been embossed with the Tähti beer brand symbol, a now-defunct beer brand.

It took seven glassblowers an hour to blow the new world's largest beer glass. Due to its lack of a handle, the glass is not officially labeled a beer stein, but it can be seen in the Plevna Brewery Pub & Restaurant in Tampere, as it is on display there. You can see photos of the world's largest beer glass by clicking here.

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