Picking Out a Great Wedding Gift

Wedding season is upon us.  We've noticed the spring wedding invitations are beginning to arrive and many of our customers are stopping by in search of the perfect gift.   It is easy to pick out a gift for a friend you see often and have a clear understanding of their personal style.  However, things can get tricky when choosing a gift for a relative, business associate or long distant friend that you don't spend much time with.  In these cases we often steer our clients to our selection of hand blown glass from Simon Pearce.  Simon Pearce's timeless designs and superior quality are a gift that anyone will appreciate.  The clean classic lines also appeal to traditionalists and modernists alike.

If you are searching for the perfect gift, stop by and let us help you choose from our great selection of cookware, tableware and decorative items.  If you don't live locally hop on our website and enjoy our free shipping.