Jane Thompson's D/R

The Boston Globe article on Design/Research's Jane Thompson is now available online. The article discusses Jane's new book “Design Research: The Store That Brought Modern Living to American Homes.’’

Long long ago, in a galaxy far away . . .

Jane Thompson’s book is a loving scrapbook of D/R and its era. There are brief quotations from people who knew the company in some way — customers, designers, employees, fans. And there are photographs, hundreds of them, of people and products.

Design Research began as a small store in an old wooden row house in 1953. From that tiny beginning, it grew to the point where, more than any other force, it created an awareness and a market for modern design in America.

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In the Globe article Jane Thompson names her favorite D/R pieces of all time.  One of the pieces she selected was iittala's Sarpaneva casserole. "It addresses the problem of how to cook and serve with the same pot, how to get kitchenware onto the table. It's highly colored and because of the wood handle, you can lift it from the cooking surface."


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