Finnish Design - Tapio Wirkkala

Finnish Designer Tapio Wirkkala's genius in the design field is indisputable. He is credited with blurring the lines between the arts and crafts and the visual arts. Tapio Wirkkala's prolific career spanned various  mediums including glass, cutlery, lamps and even bank notes. His influence reached well beyond Finland and spanned the globe. One of Mr. Wirkkala's most notable works was Tapio designed for iittala in 1952. Tapio was the winner of the Grand Prix Award at the 1954 Milan Triennale. Tapio captures a single air bubble inside the stem of the glass. An eternal reminder for us to enjoy each fleeting moment.

Tapio and other designs by Tapio Wirkkala are available at Didriks.


"The artist gets his fulfillment in the shape he has achieved and in overcoming the technical problems involved."

"All materials have their own unwritten laws. This is forgotten far too often. You should never be violent with a material you're working on, and the designer should aim at being in harmony with his material."

- Tapio Wirkkala