3 Fantastic Gifts for Newlyweds

Wedding season is almost here and if you have not already received your save the date's, they are soon to come. It's never too early to think about what gifts you can give to a newlywed couple. During this time, the couple and their families are running around and stressing about the color of table linens and such, but as a guest, you can take your time and really think about what household items would be best for the newlyweds. Didriks has put together a list of 3 fantastic gifts that you can give the newlyweds to start them off on a brand new life, together. 1. Glassware

What the newlyweds may not realize is that once they begin living together, he may have green and blue plastic cups, while she has pretty crystal glasses. A collection of glassware that they can call "their" own will look great in their kitchen cabinetry.

2. Dinnerware

Just like the glassware, you want to provide them with beautiful and uniform plates, bowls and saucers that will add elegance to their new home.

3. Crystal Home Decor

A gorgeous crystal vase or glass art will be a wonderful gift to get the couple started decorating their new home together.

Didriks has designer gifts that will bring happiness and great interior design to any couple's new home. Visit us online at www.didriks.com, or at our store in Cambridge, Massachusetts.