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How to Buy Outdoor Furniture Online

Didriks Team
How to Buy Outdoor Furniture Online

Shopping for outdoor furniture on a digital platform can be challenging. Make things easier by doing research and following simple steps to create the perfect space.


Determine how you are going to use the space.

Will you be dining? Entertaining? How many people would you like to accommodate? Will you want a separate area for lounging? Will you need additional shade?

If you see yourself dining outdoors, a dining table and chairs may be the way to go. Evening cocktail hours with friends call for some comfortable deep seating. Many dining and lounging collections are compatible if you are in the market for both.

Pro Tip: Focus on your current use of the space rather than a “what if”. An extending table can be a great solution if your party number varies.


Measure the space

Use a tape measure to map out the space you would like to use. A quick sketch can help when planning the furniture arrangement. Use the furniture dimensions provided online to compare your space.

Pro Tip: Use masking tape to outline the furniture on the floor of your outdoor space. This will help confirm that the furniture is the right scale and size. We recommend allowing 30” all around a table to allow for chairs to be pulled out comfortably.

Pro Tip #2: Stacking chairs are a great space saver, especially in the off season.

Determine Your Style.

You may be remodeling your home or furnishing a new outdoor space. Get furniture to complement the design aesthetic of your home, whether it’s Colonial, Victorian, or Modern.

Pro Tip: Use the architectural and interior style of your home to guide your decision.

Choose materials

The materials you choose may depend on several factors including the desired style, location, weight, and maintenance.  Choose from teak, aluminum, stainless steel, ceramic, and resin wicker.


Choose frame colors and cushion fabric options to harmonize with your space or add pops of color.

Pro Tip: Teak furniture will weather to a silvery grey. Choose cushions that will compliment this color.

Shade the Sun

Add a parasol to spaces that get direct sunlight to create a more welcoming and safe environment. Parasols over tables should extend roughly 20-30 inches beyond the edge of the table. This ensures everyone will be equally protected from the sun.


Add side tables, pillows, footstools, parasols, lanterns, outdoor rugs, and more to finish the space. Small details can transform a deck, patio, or poolside.

For further assistance or specific questions about our furniture collections, give us a call! Explore our outdoor furniture gallery to see different spaces and furniture combinations.

If you are local, definitely visit our expanded showroom at 2284 Washington St. in Newton Lower Falls or our location at 77 Leonard St. in Belmont MA.

And last but not least, have fun designing your space!