Staff Picks: Top 5 Drinking Glasses

Here at Didriks we spend a lot of time with our inventory—unpacking it, labeling it, stocking it, picking it, repacking it—and we definitely have our favorites. The profusion of options for a given category can be overwhelming, and we want to help you find your way to the pieces that may be right for your home. In this ongoing Staff Picks series we'll be sharing pieces that jump out to us as especially good examples of products that meet our criteria of form, function, and feeling. 

This week we're sharing our top 5 drinking glasses, the kind of unobtrusive category that is used everyday and sits in the background of daily life, part of the foundation of your table setting. We've chosen 5 quite different glasses from the excellent German glassware brand Schott Zwiesel. All glass formulas here feature their patented Tritan® technology, which incorporates titanium and zirconium in its formulation to create exceptionally break resistant and etch resistant glassware.

These are all great water glasses but all are versatile, too, suitable for any refreshing drink, with plenty of room for ice: lemonade, soda, juices, tall cocktails, and other beverages you want to serve in volume. 

1. Schott Zwiesel Iceberg Iced Beverage

The Iceberg collection is small, only this glass and a double old-fashioned glass, but the design is one of my favorites, beautifully weighted with ultra clean lines and just the slightest softness to the bottom edge. 16.2 oz

2. Schott Zwiesel Pure Long Drink

The Pure collection is one of the best selling lines from Schott Zwiesel, and it's easy to see why. The gentle angle incorporated into the design of each glass gives them a distinctive silhouette, just a little bit out of the ordinary. This collection also has the appeal of a broad range of both stemware and barware. The placement of the angle in the Long Drink makes this offering in the collection especially comfortable in the hand. 18.3 oz

3. Schott Zwiesel Cru Classic Water

The simple and elegantly curved Cru Classic collection is one of my favorites from Schott Zwiesel, and there isn't a glass in it that I don't like. Of the stemmed water glasses we offer it has what is for me an ideal balance of glass height and stem height. For those who want a classic formal touch, look no further. 16.8 oz

4. Schott Zwiesel Banquet Iced Beverage

The Banquet collection is a barware collection with a rounded silhouette that tapers to a comfortable opening, very secure and pleasant in the hand. I also really like the shot and old-fashioned glasses from this collection. 18.2 oz

5. Schott Zwiesel Bar Basic Softdrink No. 2

The Bar Basic collection is ideal for those looking to outfit a full bar with a consistent aesthetic. Sherry, grappa, cocktails, hurricanes... this collection has it all. [That said, many of their collections could be mixed and matched effortlessly]. The Softdrink No. 2 glass is one of our bestsellers, the glass just slightly thinner, making this an exceptionally light glass. 18.2 oz

- Meghan

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