Staff Picks: Top 5 Beer Glasses

Here at Didriks we spend a lot of time with our inventory—unpacking it, labeling it, stocking it, picking it, repacking it—and we definitely have our favorites. The profusion of options for a given category can be overwhelming, and we want to help you find your way to the pieces that may be right for your home. In this ongoing Staff Picks series we'll be sharing pieces that jump out to us as especially good examples of products that meet our criteria of form, function, and feeling.

This week we're focusing on beer glasses, our favorites for all brew styles.  

1. Alessi Splugen Beer Glass

This glass has an elegant and distinctive silhouette with the design sense we've come to expect from Italian design powerhouse Alessi. Fantastic for pale and blonde ales, and I would love to see a red or amber ale in this glass as well. 14 oz

2. iittala Aarne Beer Glass (comes in a set of 2)

The Aarne collection from Finnish brand iittala is one of my favorite of their barware offerings. The base is weighted beautifully across the collection (similar to the Schott Zwiesel Tossa collection but not quite as heavy), my other favorite in the line being the double old-fashioned glass. 13.5 oz

3. Schott Zwiesel Basic Beer Lager Glass

While there are both taller/narrower and shorter/fatter glasses in Schott Zwiesel's Basic Beer line, this lager glass is the ideal balance, highly versatile and with a generous capacity. Great for a stout or porter as well. 16.9 oz

4. Schott Zwiesel Beer Brussels Pilsner glass

I often turn toward pilsner glasses for any light, fruity ale, and this one has great sculptural curves. 13.5 oz

5. Simon Pearce Tall Norwich Beaker

Simon Pearce has a number of barware offerings, the Tall Norwich beaker being one of the most elegant in style.  It has the pleasant weight found in all of Simon Pearce's glass products, and the artisanal appeal of being hand-blown. 12 oz

didriks top 5 beer glasses

Drink up!


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