Just in! Rorstrand Swedish Grace Tableware

The Didriks Newton Lower Falls store has had Rorstrand tableware on the shelves for a while now but we only just got it in last week at the Cambridge store, and it has the fresh appeal of all that is shiny and new.

Tiramisu is delicious. I didn't make this myself, unfortunately.

Tiramisu is delicious. I didn't make this myself, unfortunately.

The Rorstrand Swedish Grace line comes in six colors, a wonderfully mix and match-able selection of both saturated and muted shades. While the blue (Sea) is gorgeous, you can't go wrong with the white (Snow) pieces. The delicate wheat-like pattern is especially subtle on the white, and so especially elegant.

A natural flatware pairing for this line is Alessi's Dressed line, with it's elaborately embossed design. This flatware is so playful in a way, too, as the front of each piece is plain, and only the back is embossed, making wonderful detail a surprise.


'Swedish Grace' is an apt name for this collection. This is a graceful level of embellishment. A bit more presence than the equally classic Pillivuyt pleated collection, yet subtler than the (beautiful, really stunning) Royal Copenhagen White Elements collection. Now available at both Didriks locations!


Didriks is an independent, locally owned tableware and home furnishings store in Cambridge, Massachusetts.