A Patriotic Parfait

A parfait is the kind of thing I don't often think to make for myself, but I don't know why not. It's quick and easy, and a wonderful, balanced breakfast. It's satisfying, too, for being one of those dishes that look like they took a lot more work than they did, especially when served in a cocktail glass, the taller the better. I recommend something like this classic Hurricane glass from the German brand Schott Zwiesel.

Of course this means you need a suitably long spoon. And, obviously, the more gingham involved, the better (or maybe polka dots are more your style, or a floral pattern). This is the Iced Tea spoon from Sabre's acrylic Gingham Charm collection, a great summer print, also available in bright colors.

You may remember my current favorite, coconut-heavy granola recipe from the post about the Jars Tourron Fruit Cups. Still as good as ever. Next time I would either thin out the Greek yogurt I've used here or use some more pourable yogurt, which would be friendlier to work with in terms of presentation.

This could make a wonderful summer dessert, too. Refreshing and healthy.

- Meghan

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