Alessi Super and Popular

Italian design brand Alessi is one of the most unique and expansive lines of housewares that we carry at Didriks. Their items range from elegant dinnerware sets to beautiful glassware sets to home office items, cookware, bakeware, kitchen gadgets, decor items, and more. They work with many different designers from around the world on individual projects, which all come together to create one incredible brand.

The two items featured today hail from the Alessi Super and Popular collection, which is comprised of - you guessed it - super and popular Alessi items! Above is trio of the Cico Egg Cups, a fun and whimsical twist on an otherwise traditional item, which features a small plastic figure with a removable baseball cap and spoon. Below is the Ship Shape Butter Dish, which we have playfully displayed in it's natural aquatic environment.

During the month of May, Alessi is having a special sale, which we're excited to pass onto our customers. From May 19-26, all Alessi items (except a select few made out of silver) will be 20% off! This is a rare opportunity to snag almost the entire Alessi collection at a discounted price, so shop, shop, shop away! We'll release a special promo code closer to the date, so stay tuned.