A Salad Course with an Edge

I like the rustic quality of the heavy weight linen napkin contrasted with the sleek modernity of the oblong plate here. This is the dessert plate from Alessi's Colombina collection, paired with the flatware from their Mami collection. The asymmetry and sophistication of this plate can feel ultra modern when paired with geometric flatware, but in a way that tends to be too much for me. The rounder lines of the Mami flatware keep this setting approachable, the plate adding an edge and the flatware keeping it casual. It has style without feeling over-designed or impersonal, which is one of the virtues of mixing and matching brands and collections, I think. It's a great way to inject some personality and really tailor the setting to your individual tastes.


I quite like this plate for a salad or first course especially. We need not let official designations like 'dessert plate' dictate our choices.


The napkin is Libeco's Napoli Vintage linen in Pomegranate.

- Meghan