Roasted Beet Salad

The stunning wooden handles of this iittala Piano serving set are the texture that brings this setting into harmony for me. Wood and stainless steel, wood and linen, wood and glass, wood and porcelain, all favorite combinations. Wood, then, is the mutual acquaintance that bridges any combination here. The wood and linen - and particularly the coarse weave of the Napoli Vintage tablecloth (here in flax) - soften the stainless steel and porcelain elements, which can otherwise feel sterile or cold to me. I like, too, blending linen textures, the finer weave of the Vence napkin (here in teal) as a variation on a theme, uniformity with a twist.

This is the kind of setting I often admire; relatively simple with clean lines, a minimal color palette (but not fussily or obnoxiously minimal), and a few rustic touches. The romantic (soft) silhouettes of the Alessi Mami tableware and understated elegance of the David Mellor Pride flatware pair effortlessly.

These collections share gradual, graceful curves, a careful absence of hard lines,  and a simplicity of design that belies the design powerhouses behind them. The Classico line for Schott Zwiesel does the same, and the wine glass here shares those same soft, unobtrusive lines. This contrasts with the wood grain of the serving set and the provincial feel of the heavy tablecloth to add depth and interest to the table.


A roasted beet salad is, of course, a welcome addition to any table of mine.

- Meghan