Taryn Collins

Holiday Traffic is Coming, Prepare with Chilewich Mats

Taryn Collins
Holiday Traffic is Coming, Prepare with Chilewich Mats

Once the holiday season arrives, you may feel like Santa's entire elf and reindeer lineup has marched right through your home. Revolving doors, rambunctious children and winter weather are enough to make any floor surface tremble with apprehension. Fortunately, Chilewich has its own lineup of stylish indoor-outdoor mats that can stand up to the heaviest of holiday traffic.

For best effect, we recommend lining them up in stages.

Stage 1 - The Doormat

Your first line of defense is The Doormat. It has a plush, tufted shag that will absorb the moisture, debris, and potential mud that was missed by your outdoor mat. It is available in a wide range of colors to blend with any interior decor.

Stage 2 - The Big Mat

This stage is ideal for large foyers. The Big Mat also works to accommodate groups of exuberant families who can't stand to wait their turn while wiping their feet at The Doormat. You can give hugs and kisses all around while the flooring below remains as good as new.

Stage 3 - The Runner

For added protection in high traffic areas, we recommend The Runner. It's your best protection for the hallway stretch leading from the front door to the homemade cookies and hot cocoa.

Stage 4 - The Utility Mat

The Chilewich Utility Mat has mudroom and snow boots written all over it. It's 100% vinyl and works well both outdoors and in.

All of the Chilewich mats from Didriks are easy to wash and dry, and are resistant to mold and mildew. They're the key to holiday floor preservation.