Linen napkins make a beautiful and classy addition to your dining room table set, and you'll want to make sure you preserve the quality of these beautiful table linens. In order to keep your linen napkins fresh and beautiful looking, you'll want to ensure that they are washed properly. Belgian linen company, Libeco Lagae Linens, wants to make sure your napkins are maintained properly.  This is why they've made sure to give complete care instructions on their website.  Here are a few excellent tips on how to properly wash your linen napkins.

  • Do not wash your white linen napkins with dark colors.  Always wash separately since your dark colors cannot be washed in a detergent with whitening agents.
  • Food stains on your linen napkins can stain the entire load so make sure you treat with a remover before washing.
  • Pay close attention to recommend washing temperature before cleaning.   Hot water can sometimes damage the linen fabric.
  • You'll also want to check the drying temperature since some of the linen will need to be tumble dry with no heat.

To learn more about the proper care and stain removal of your linen napkins, visit Libeco Lagae care.

Image courtesy of Linen by Didriks