Protect Your Bookshelves with Linens

Sounds crazy, right? But yes. You can protect your books and bookshelves from impending dust by hanging linens. They are called linen dust shields, and they are crisp lengths of linen strung along the bookcase. The technique is far from new. It has been and still is used in old Swedish libraries. And one of the parts of implementing this technique is that the shelves still look very regal and neat in appearance. Beautiful, we would say.

Protect Your Bookshelves with Linens

Here's how to get the look:

  • Measure the length of the shelf, and the distance from the shelf above to the top of the shortest book.
  • Add one inch to all sides.
  • Cut prewashed linen to this size.
  • Hem bottom and sides by one inch.
  • Sew one-inch-wide twill tape to top edge.
  • Fasten to underside of shelf every six inches with upholsterers' tacks or a strip of Velcro.

That's it. Very simple. And we can help you get started. Call Didriks today or visit to find the right linens: 617.354.5700

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