We love the look of Belgian style.    Belgian designer Greet LeFevre blogs about classic Belgian style and we love the homes and places she writes about.  Here is a recent post about a lovely Belgian B & B that really inspires us.  Take note of all the classic Belgian design elements such as worn light woods, linen slipcovers and unique hand crafted items. Today I would love to introduce you to a very charming Belgian Bed & Breakfast, named Moka & Vanille.

To me this B&B is a typical example of what is named the Belgian style of today.


A complete renewed farmhouse for this B&B.


This B&B is located in a typical Flemish surrounding with a panoramic view, meadows with a lot of trees.

The village is called Heusden-Zolder and is situated in the province of Limburg.


The lady of the house,  Dorien Cooreman, is an interior designer, so she knew what she was doing when she decided to renovate and to decorate this hotel. For her beautiful B&B she designed a Belgian country styled interior.


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