There are plenty of websites that coach employees on how to be more productive in the office, but they always forget to address the "the chill factor". Offices are often very chilly - either from air conditioning in the summer, or cold weather in the winter - and one great way to boost productivity is to stay warm with a linen shawl.

Linen shawls are great accessories to keep around the office on chilly days. Most women wear large sweaters that really don't translate as particularly fashionable or professional. Linen shawls will help you look professional and fashionable at the very same time.

Best of all, our linen shawls come in an assortment of colors and look great with business attire and jeans on casual Fridays.

We really think we've got it figured out and all of those productivity sites are slow to catch the trend because it's a  non-traditional solution.  Keep warm! When you shop at Linens by Didriks, you can be productive, look trendy and stay warm all with one simple accessory. So, the next time you shiver with a chill in the office, don't reach for another cup of coffee - reach for a fashionable linen shawl instead.

Image by: Belgian Linen