libeco home bed linens Are you environmentally conscientious and concerned about the production of your home decor linens?  Many Americans are becoming more aware of how their fabrics are produced and whether they're made from organic fibers.    Since 2004 Didriks has been partnering with Libeco Home to offer our customers the highest quality products made with all organic flax using sustainable practices.

Libeco Home is a Belgian company focused on ways to produce luxurious linens without harmful chemicals or practices.  They make sure 100% of the plant is used and that everything is biodegradable or recyclable.   Our  Cambridge store carries a wide array of their eco-friendly products, including kitchen towels that will leave your wine glasses lint free and inviting bed sheets for a restful night of sleep.  The benefits of using environmentally friendly linens in your home will have a lasting impact on your entire family, since they are pollution and chemical free.

All of the Libeco Home linen products are carried through our main store on Concord Avenue.  We're located on Observatory Hill just north of Harvard Square.  You can also discover our wonderful eco-friendly linen collection through our online store, Linens by Didriks.