Everyone loves the window seat. On a plane, it's the seat where you can watch the clouds roll by, at home, it's the seat where you can look out and watch the kids play or enjoy a good book. But the only way to truly make a window seat better, is to add a few comfortable linen pillows. Window seats date back to the 18th century, in that time period, very tall and narrow sash windows were popular. Today, you will see window seats in kid's rooms, master bedrooms, kitchen areas, and living rooms. These cozy little nooks are the perfect spots for us to sit back, relax and unwind. But in order to make a window seat more comfortable, you need a custom window seat cushion and high quality linen pillows. They add the ultimate amount of comfort and relaxation to your little sunny nook.

If you are looking for comfortable linen pillows for your New England home, Linens by Didriks carries Albany and Broome Pillows by Libeco Home that will add just the right touch of comfort and relaxation to your window seat.