As I've said before, one thing I love about Belgian linen is it's heirloom quality versatility.  You can use linen for years, finding it gets softer and more luxurious with each use.   Linen comes in kitchen towels to bed sheets and towels.  However, have you ever considered how gorgeous it can look at a late summer/early fall wedding?   Since we're in the middle of outdoor wedding season, I thought I would showcase how Belgian linen can enhance a posh outdoor wedding. linen table decor

This table setting shows how you can use linen fabric, such as Libeco linen from Belgium to enhance your outdoor, romantic setting.  Since linen is elegant without looking pretentious it gives the reception area a relaxed charm.


For your wedding, if you're looking to have an outdoor space where guests can relax and lounge after a delicious meal, then consider how linen fabric can be used.   With a bit of planning, you can have large, linen covered pillows and linen draped lounge chairs.  This inspiring image showcases how Belgian linen can easily create an enchanting and sophisticated reception.


Looking for a unique yet stylish gift to give each guest?  Why not create small keepsakes from linen and lace.  Belgian linen that is printed with your wedding announcement or invitation makes an unforgettable gift.  Whether you choose to create small, table top doilies or larger square decor is limited by your own imagination.  Linen fabric is easy to work with and you'll enjoy creating something that each guest will have for years to come.  If you're inspired and interested in enhancing your outdoor wedding with Belgian linen, then visit Didriks in Cambridge for a wide selection of Libeco linen fabric.  To view more inspiring ideas with linen, visit Luna and Chloe Wedding blog.