We have a couple of great choices for the warm and stylish winter blankets this season. Our first suggestion is the Libeco Home Libeco Home Georgetown Blanket

Georgetown Blanket. This blanket looks warm, cozy, and inviting. The Georgetown collection is animated and cheerful. The blanket has a multicolored stripe pattern offset with a warm straw stripe pattern. The blanket is complemented by the Libeco Home Georgetown Pillow Cover , which is reversible with the multi-stripe on one side and the straw stripe on the other.

Another great option is the Libeco Home Flagstaff Blanket. This blanket is can be used as a throw for couches and armchairs, especially on those days when you just want to sit and watch the fire roar. The Flagstaff Blanket has broad stripes, bordered by a solid edge, perfect for wintry, chilly evenings. Think about matching solid colors or the blanket's stripe patterns when matching pillows. As we are proud to say, this blanket is 100% Belgian linen with a mitered hem.